Suzuki TC185 Timing

A reader has strong spark on his Suzuki TC185 but it still won’t fire.

Reader Contribution by Steve Vancamp
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by Keith Fellenstein

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Q:Greetings. I acquired a non-running Suzuki TC185. I tested it for compression and it showed more than 100psi. Next I replaced the points, condenser and the coil. Before it had no spark, but all the electrics worked great. Now I have strong spark, but the bike still won’t fire. I believe the timing must be off since the screws were all loose on the plate. Can I set the timing without the engine running, or at least get close so I can get it started and play with it? I would appreciate your advice.
— Steve Vancamp/via email

A: All I can find is info on a TS185 single. It says to use a buzz box or light on the black wire to the coil. Turn the ignition on and rotate the flywheel counterclockwise until the tester indicates the points are open. At that point look at the dimple on the case at about the 11 o’clock mark and see if it coincides with a line on the flywheel. If it doesn’t, you have to remove the flywheel to move the magneto plate, loosely reinstall the flywheel and test again. Repeat until correct.

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