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BMW head bearing

How to Service the Steering Head Bearing on a BMW/5

Steering head bearings seem to be one of those things we don’t think about until we have to. The problem is, by the time you realize your bike’s steering head bearings need attention — evidenced by notchy, stiff or even loose steering — it’s usually too late to do anything but replace ...

Is Newer Better?

A BMW test rider aboard a new 2009 BMW R 1200 R. Sure it's faster and sleeker than an old Bemmer, but is it better?Occasionally I prowl about on bike-related “forums” on the web. There are plenty of interesting and clever people out there who are willing to share their expertise on all ...

The Fine Art of the Bodge

Bodge – verb: to fix or repair with whatever is at hand. Temporary emergency repair. Ingenious use of material to effect repairs.If you ride and maintain older British bikes, then this is the appropriate term when one is forced to use a piece of wire to hold some component together. This is ...

Mechanical Hypochondriac

Alison and her bike of choice, BMW's great GS80All of my life I have been in the lucky position of assuming that good health is the normal state, and that anything less is an aberration that will soon pass.Not that there haven’t been periods of serious discomfort – but almost always it ...

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