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How to Rebuild a BMW Front Brake Master Cylinder

Our project for this issue planned itself. Editor Hall picked up this 1988 BMW R100RS late last summer. At some point over the winter, he noticed a spot of fluid on the floor and quickly figured out it wasn’t engine oil, but brake fluid. The front brake master cylinder was weeping fluid and ...


Q and A: Rotors, Honda Motorcycle Colors, And Oil Filter Kits

Checking rotors Q: I have a Benelli 750 Sei exactly like the one I had in the 1970s. I am rebuilding it. I bought a second one for spare parts. The front rotors that came with the second bike were new, drilled and look great. Do cast iron rotors that are drilled become fatigued or brittle over ...


Exhaust Port Repairs, Plug Readings, and Smokey Starts

Exhaust port repairs Q: Do you have any suggestions as to Norton Commando exhaust port repairs? Should I have the ports welded up and rethreaded or bored out and put in brass threaded inserts? Also, anyone you know have expertise in this area? Thank you for your help! Mark Gwynn/Cleveland, ...

Triumph Bonneville Carburetors

Editor’s note: If you’re having trouble with that old Suzuki, BSA or BMW, Keith Fellenstein is your guy. From motorcycle tuning tips to detailed motorcycle engine repair, he can draw from a wealth of experience to help guide you to success. Send questions to: Keith’s Garage, 1503 SW 42nd ...

Set of Pliers by Motion Pro

 Chain master link pliersTool specialists Motion Pro have a slick set of pliers specifically for removing and installing master link clips used on standard drive chains of most motorcycles before the advent of O-ring style chains. What makes the pliers special is the use of shorter and longer ...

Axle Wrench Set by RRR Tool Solutions

 Axle wrench setRRR Tool Solutions makes an ingenious 7-piece axle nut tool set. Small and light (total weight is under 1lb!), the set has a 9-inch-long double-ended handle with two different sized openings to fit corresponding sockets. The large end ratchets include 32mm, 27mm and 24mm ...

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