Moto Guzzi V7 Returns!

Reader Contribution by Richard Backus
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The big news for classic bike fans at November’s 65th Annual Association of Motorcycle and Bicycle Manufacturers show in Milan, Italy, was the launch — or should we say re-launch? — of the new Moto Guzzi V7 Sport. Pegged for 2008 production, the new V7 is a direct descendent of the original 700cc Guzzi twin that went into production 40 years ago. That bike set Moto Guzzi’s fortunes in the U.S., and was the foundation for every Guzzi twin since, from the 750cc Ambassador to Guzzi’s latest eight-valve, fuel-injected 1,200cc Stelvio, also launched at the show.

In keeping with the V7’s classic roots, the new bike’s gas tank is a copy of the original, as is the seat. The new V7 Sport uses familiar two-valve technology paired with modern fuel injection, and like all Guzzi’s it retains shaft final drive. The old-tech engine also makes it clear that Guzzi is going for style over performance with this bike, with power from the twin expected at a modest 48hp, the same as the Breva 750. The single front and rear disc brakes should be more than adequate to control its estimated 400lb bulk.

The big question remaining is whether Guzzi will sell the V7 Sport in the States. Guzzi hasn’t said, and the bike doesn’t appear on the Guzzi website ( but given the attention Ducati and Triumph have received with their latest retro offerings in the U.S., we’re guessing Moto Guzzi designed the bike with U.S. sales in mind.

Special thanks to Paul Crowe at The Kneeslider ( for alerting us to the bike’s launch. — Richard Backus

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