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American Fours: 1910 Pierce Four and 1914 Henderson Four

By Alan Cathcart

Alan Cathcart rides a 1910 Pierce Four and a 1914 Henderson Four back-to-back.

Refined Pioneer: 1921 Reading Standard

By Margie Siegal

Some antique motorcycles do much better in current conditions than they did when they were built.

High Achiever: 1916 Excelsior Twin

By Margie Siegal

Saved from the dump 50 years ago, this very original Excelsior has been put back to a running, riding motorcycle.

Looking Past the Past: Greg Hageman’s Harley-Davidson XLR Tribute

By Dain Gingerelli

Bike builder extraordinaire Greg Hageman turns a Sportster into a tribute to the Harley XLR.


The Same, But Different: 1927 Cleveland 4-45 and 4-61 Motorcycles

By Margie Siegal

A pair of 1927 Cleveland four-cylinder motorcycles, a model 4-45 and a model 4-61, together in one place.

Crocker “Continuation” Motorcycle

By Alan Cathcart

Seventy-five years later, brand-new Crocker motorcycles are once again being made in Southern California.

Mecum's 2017 Las Vegas Auction: 1977 Harley-Davidson MX250

By the Motorcycle Classics staff

A nearly unused Harley-Davidson MX250 will be among the bikes offered at the Mecum 2017 Las Vegas auction.

Spoils of Victory: 1948 Harley-Davidson S-125

By Dain Gingerelli

The roots of the Harley-Davidson S-125 go all the way back to World War II.